Repairs on Diebold Opteva ATMs

SPC International repairs ATMs and modules from the Opteva range of ATMs made by Diebold.  We have a developing Diebold Opteva capability with test machines and  the ability to repair, refurbish and test cash out devices (picks, cassettes and presenters), displays, card readers, printers, power supplies, PC cores etc.

Our world class workshops has test beds for all the major models and are able to repair, refurbish and test most modules. Our customer base includes most of the major maintenance companies providing support for the leading financial institutions across Europe. We also repair info-terminals or kiosks used in banks to provide balances and bank statements

Diebold ATM Repair Capability by Module (FRU) type:


49-201784-000A LCD 10.4"
49-201381-000A Maintenance keyboard
00-104468-000C Journal printer
00-103334-000A Reject cassette
00-103332-000A Cash out cassette
49-204271-000B Dispenser controller   PCB
49-211434-000A 860mm RL Transport
49-211433-000A Stacker
49-200000-000A Picker
00-103323-000B Receipt printer
00-104378-000F Motorised card reader
19-054950-000A Power supply
49-208150-240A PC core
49-202998-000A Lighting unit logo
49-201789-000C 15" DVI
49-216688-000E EPP5 (PCI)
00-104060-000A Soft Key
49-202839-000A USB Hub
49-200931-000A 24V Distribution   Board
49-201152-000B/49-201153-00B ATM Control Board
49-202839-000B USB Hub


Support Capability by Diebold Opteva ATM model

Our capability for repairs extends to modules from the following models of Diebold ATMs:

Opteva 522 Lobby

Opteva 522 Exterior

Opteva 522L Lobby

Opteva 529 Lobby

Opteva 562 Through the wall walk up

Opteva 562L Through the wall walk up

Opteva 562R Through the wall walk up

Opteva 569 Through the wall

Opteva 328 Lobby/Vestibule Through the wall

Opteva 368 Through the wall walk up

Opteva 378 Lobby


If you have a repair requirement we can probably help please use the form or contact Customer Services (email [email protected], phone +44 (0)1963 435 800) for more information and pricing.

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